About Zelphone

Zelphone.com was founded in 2015 by David Becerra in his bedroom. It all started when David
realized that most people never sell their old cell phone or tablets. Instead, a lot of people will
store them away and let them lose all their value. That’s where Zelphone comes in, we offer a
fast, secure, and reliable way to trade-in your old device.

Zelphone has been successfully growing the past 7 years, our commitment to offering the best
trade-ins and available inventory has given us a stronger presence in the market. Zelphone has
acquired very skilled management team and staff to provide the highest quality of
professionalism for wholesale, on-line and retail store front channels. Our team has experience
in all areas of the business and can deliver the product and services your business or personal
needs might require.

Here at Zelphone we also offer great deals on pre-owned devices! If you are somebody that
does not want to pay full price for your smart phone or tablet, we offer fully certified
(Phonecheck) quality devices for you to purchase at a fraction of the price.

Now that you’ve read about what we do, TRADE-IN or PURCHASE your new device today!

Meet the Team
Erwin Ipatzi      David Becerra    Vicente Hernandez     Rob Frances   

Matt Harris     Irene Orozco     Jon Farrar